Tuesday, May 30, 2017


"Ni warnakan ni cepat"




"Warnakan la.."

"Bukan warna la cikgu.."

Dahi berkerut, "Habistu?"

Sambil tangan mencapai pensel warna biru, mata dibesarkan sebulat-bulatnya dan tersengih-sengih, "Colour la cikgu.."

Krik krik..

Warna dengan colour tu lain ke yang. T.T

Sekurang-kurangnya, dalam menghadapi segala kerenah budak-budak di sekolah, kadang-kadang yang annoying ini boleh juga menceriakan hari-hari yang suram haha.

Saya ada banyak cerita untuk awak, tapi saya simpan semuanya, nanti dah jumpa baru boleh cerita.

You have always coloured my days, and for that, thank you :)

P/S : Hai awak. Saya tahu awak suka stalk saya :)

Monday, May 29, 2017


I can be so positive that everything seems so fine,
I can be so negative, that everything seems so horrible.
But being in between should be the best option tho.

Sometimes, the little things really made my day. As simple as, 'Thank you' and 'Take care', makes me feel warm and happy throughout the days and weeks. It makes me feel appreciated - and my brain and heart and liver (hati?) do remember every single small gestures.

And the struggle during working phase is real. It's been 2 months! Yeay! 2 months working - and away from family :'( . But..I've never felt so independent like I do now haaha.

(My job considered easy compared to other challenging jobs) But hey, I love this job! Em, yeah..teaching special needs is not so challenging - but, not enjoying it wholeheartedly will be boring too.

I really enjoy planning what to teach the next day. Like doing small experiments - singing ABC in hard rock tempo - or teaching how to use the toilet? Em. I've never imagined myself being a standard one class teacher - well at least not the first day of posting at school la.

So, there's my favourite girl - Jannah - super manja girl who still has pampers on and drinking milk in bottle. Therefore, me, being the penyayang teacher (cewah), must understand her needs, well.. she needs some time to adjust to school aite? (That's pretty lucky she didn't bring her bantal busuk to school mmm).

Jannah sometimes got jealous over her friend and merajuk with me. And me - being blurred teacher went blank sometimes got upset too - why menangis la girl why.. She also chit chatted a lot - not really a chit chat - she just followed my speech and replied bits here and there.

For example..

'Jannah, apa khabar?'

'Apa khabar, khabar baik'

'Bukan, apa khabar kena jawab khabar baik'

'Bukan, apa khabar kena jawab khabar baik'

Eh. =='

Em yeah..that's our daily conversation. She follows 90% of my speech. And responds only 10% to it.

But the good thing is that, her memories lasts longer- she can recall what she hears multiple times. She memorizes Juzuk Amma perfectly - and some Surah, she even remembers the meaning of it.

(Hah, kau tu cikgu Jannah, ingat ke tak surah-surah tu, ke ingat-ingat lupa je?)

Meski ku rapuh..dalam langkah..kadang tak setia kepadaMu...


Some people with disabilities in our eyes, could have some strengths we never know.

Jannah, kita hafal surah lain sama-sama ya :)
See you motoro..eh, tomorrow.

How good life could be?

When blessings become double.
Double blessings, double happiness. 
Selamat Hari Raya :)

Thursday, May 25, 2017


I think the biggest mistake I made when I got married is assuming that life was now about having two of everything. Having two cars to get around the city, ordering two plates whenever we went out to eat, or buying two of everything to make sure both of us were happy.
At a Majlis one day I heard a beautiful story of an elderly Arab couple who were so in love that they could only eat when they were together and from the same plate. They said it brought them closer, the husband would cut pieces of meat just the way his wife liked it, and the wife knew just the right amount of yogurt her husband liked on his rice. They didn't have to ask or say anything, both of them knew exactly what the other wanted. It was beautiful.
Since hearing that story my wife and I always eat from the same plate and only order one drink to share. What this taught us is the value of sharing in a relationship and how sharing brings two people closer together. When you share you learn about the other person, what they like or what they don't like. When you share you always have to consider the other person just as much as you consider yourself, and that is what love is all about.
Love is about giving a part of yourself to the other person, love is about always thinking about your partner's feelings when you make a decision, love is about agreeing together on one thing that makes you both happy, and you will practice all those things when you share who you are, what you want, and even what you eat with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
-Khalid Al-Ameri-
That's beautiful :)
Two of my major weaknesses were, driving and cooking. I really had no confidence in doing both, and that was few months ago. I would surrender driving in any situation, and I used to think that whatever I cooked tasted so bad.
But now. Hmm. I can drive. A manual car *clap clap* That was and still is, tough for me, but hey..I could drive alone from North to South! I was impressed by myself -hahahaha- I thought I would give up half way - but i thought, hey.. driving was not bad ey. And yeah... I survived.
And cooking - well, at least I can cook edible things. They tasted okay-okay la kot *hopefully*. 
P/S : Thank you for reminding me that 'Puasa ni syaiton kena ikat'. :) I drove safely. (But it was still scary and creepy)